Our Curriculum

Tots Yearn to Learn 58th/Larchwood uses the Creative Curriculum which includes planned developmental activities which are individualized to meet the needs of each child, (Teachers conduct an Ages & Stages developmental screening within 45 days of enrollment). Our facility uses Teacher’s Strategy Gold to observe and document children’s individual development. Information about the curriculum and observation tool can be found at https://www.teachingstrategies.com


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Our Subjects


Numbers, shapes, blocks, addition, subtraction, counting, sequencing, comparing, matching, and 3-D imagery.


Continents, land, trees, buildings, and water forms.

Foreign Languages

Spanish and Sign Language

Music & Rhythm
Involves dance, singing, and playing songs and instruments from different cultures around the world.
Practical Life

Self care, classroom community, our environment, reduce and recycle, clothing, feeding animals, watering plants, tying, and the development of self-esteem and empathy skills

Language Arts

Language work consist of reading, phonics, story telling conversation, vocabulary enrichment and creative drama.

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